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We hold an enormous treasure of our vineyards in and around Bad Dürkheim.


The Middle-Haardt region holds an enormous treasure of vineyards, many of which belong to Fitz-Ritter. The winery also owns the monopole Abtsfronhof Vineyard, located within the city boundaries. “The quality is decided in the vineyard itself”, explains Johann Fitz. His ideas are carried out by wine maker Jochen Goebel and include refraining from the use of synthetic fertilizers and herbicides, practicing predominantly hands-on-farming and selective picking.

Since 2009 the winery has been farming its vineyards organically according to European certified standards. This represents a consistent continuation of the environmentally protective methods practiced during the last decades. The wines are positively affected by the diversity of soils and gentle methods of handling them in the historic vaulted cellars. Cellar master Max Fisch implements controlled, slow fermentation and an extended period in both stainless steel tanks and large wooden barrels. Some of the red wines mature in small, new oak barrels.


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